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Not only are our bags hand-constructed in the States, but we also support companies that still manufacture their products in the USA whenever we can. Patriotic? Sure. We love the idea of a manufacturing revival in the US, and we are doing our part to make that happen. We believe a manufacturing renaissance in the US would not only bring back much needed jobs, but would also bring a renewed sense of pride and achievement to the American worker.

And of course, we at Pansy Maiden like knowing (100%) that our money is not funding unjust labor practices. That's pretty important and fits right in with our cruelty-free mission.


MASSACHUSETTS: Each bag is hand-constructed in Laura's Medford studio. This state is also home to our sewing-machine provider of choice--a company that has been owned and operated by the same family for over a century.



RHODE ISLAND: Our Cordura®, which makes up the interior of many of our bags, is produced here.




NEW JERSEY: All of our waxed canvas is dyed and impregnated with wax in this state by a family-owned company that has been waxing canvas the late 1800's.




OHIO: Most of our hardware comes to us from this state. The company we buy from has been in operation since 1908 and began life as a manufacturer of "Traveling Bags and Coin Collection Bags."



NORTH CAROLINA: The company that produces our industrial sewing machine thread has been in the business for over 120 years. When they opened their first factory, it was mostly powered by a water wheel. One hundred years later, they were the first company in North Carolina to digitally match colors.



GEORGIA: YKK Zippers is a Japanese company that is known for their incredibly strong, long-lasting zippers. But did you know that most of their zippers are made in Georgia at the largest zipper factory in the world? Over 1200 Georgia residents are employed at this one factory. 




MISSISSIPPI: Most of our printed canvas fabric is printed in this state and a good portion is woven in Mississippi as well. The company we buy from has been printing fabric since 1991 when they opened with 5 employees. They now employ over 25 people in their community.




FLORIDA: Our wooden bezel pendants are handmade in Florida and make up a component of our first necklace design. Our pendant necklaces are then finished in Massachusetts.






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